Lovely, supportive writers everywhere….

This will be a quick post as I’m mid panic about my imminent trip up to the Highlands of Scotland tomorrow.

I first joined twitter out of a feeling of necessity. As I mentioned in my first ever blog, one piece of key advice I picked up for budding novelists, was to get yourself a ‘following’ before you publish a book – because publisher or no publisher, the marketing is down to you.

I begrudgingly set up an account and stared at the list of unrelated, sometimes undecipherable comments, hashtag markers and dubious links, wondering how the hell anyone made any sense of this live, online dump of human thought processes.

I’ve since come to love the medium – nothing to do with amassing followers. I know that quantity will be deemed important by others, but quality, right now, is important to me. Amongst the hundreds of people I follow, there are a handful of writers who have been in touch to talk about our shared interests, our struggles, our writing projects and sometimes our personal dreams. I’ve critiqued other peoples writing, pointing out with some authority(!), mistakes/anomalies I undoubtedly make myself ALL the time!. I’ve also had my own writing critiqued. No-one (so far) has been rude, everyone is tactfully helpful. These wonderful, if not entirely selfless, acts of kindness are educational, encouraging and give one faith in the human spirit.

Thank you to all those writers who make Twitter so worthwhile for me. I can only hope I am as inspirational and helpful as you have been for me.


5 thoughts on “Lovely, supportive writers everywhere….

  1. Your experience reflects mine to a ‘T’. Wonderful network when you get into it, but like anything else, you’ve gotta put in to get something out, right ? Enjoy the Highlands, say ‘Hi!’ for me. cheers,

  2. plantageneta says:

    Hi Seumas, thanks for commenting. Yes, it’s definitely a reciprocal thing. I’m so looking forward to Scotland 🙂

  3. ahamin says:

    Good luck, and yes, marketing a book is the part we authors suffer a little from… but we get the hang of it eventually

  4. EM Vireo says:

    good to read this. i have been struggling to get a grip on Twitter for a while now, having started with a similar mind frame, and to promote my writing, so thanks for your take.

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