Dust covers – An author, rampant.

Just a bit of fun today,

OK get yourself in the zone, you’ve secured your agent, you’ve secured your publisher, all the editing has been completed and now the book is about to be published. You’ve been asked to supply an author photo for the dust jacket (is there an e-version of this?) what do you supply? (Let’s ignore the fact you might not get a say and that printed books may be on the way out!)

Now let yourself go with this – what kind of pose are you going to go for? Are you going to make like classical painters and include items in your photo that depict what kind of person you are inside? Will you be sitting, standing, lying down?

To my mind there are far too many author pics showing very intelligent looking people in glasses sitting in their study surrounded by incredibly intellectual books. Authors are supposed to be creative creatures, so it would be so much more interesting if there was a bit more quirkiness.

A fellow twitterer asked me what I’d go for and off the top of my head I said ‘Steampunk dress, carrying a massive bazooka’. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my story – but so much the better.

So what’s your dust jacket pose?

6 thoughts on “Dust covers – An author, rampant.

  1. jakiedwards says:

    Hrumph, well I was going to submit to the intellectual deskbound nerd shot but now… Aww now I have picture stress… Or maybe just me in my two day old shirt with my hair all wild and sticking up, wide eyed and shell shocked – kinda how I looked at the end of a good write-a-thon…

  2. Mine would be my own head, doing My Own Head-related things, like Existing, and Not Being Someone Else’s Head.

    Like this, for example.

    Feel free to bask in the enigma and ambiguity.

  3. Kellie Warner says:

    Really don’t know what mine would be. They do all tend to be very much the same don’t they? I would love to see the steampunk dress and massive bazooka though. I’d buy that book in a second!

  4. As I told you on twitter Tina, it’d be a choice of two of my characters. 40 something down at heel PI (I can pull that one off real well) or heavily tattooed bald warrior with a sword (be near on impossible this one as I have only one tattoo and I’d have to be black). I do have a third option now though, another of my characters, a dashing dandy professor with some steampunk flourishes.

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