It’s not writers block…. I’m mulling.

Or at least I hope so.

I’ve been through my manuscript I’ve removed a whole heap of unnecessary words and paragraphs, corrected spellings and grammar. I’ve highlighted areas that ‘tell’ but do not ‘show’ and areas where I’ve scrawled ‘develop’ or ‘re-write’. I have also written a list of major issues to address:

One of these I discussed in a previous blog, is my need to develop a strong female character to replace the one that was cut in the last purge. A writer friend suggested to me to see if any of the existing male characters might be suitable to be altered to be a woman; something I’m now seriously considering.

Another issue was my need to be clear about the parameters of magic within the novel – I thought I had a good handle on this, but the more I consider it the more I tie myself up in knots. Related to this, I was advised to get a good back-story going for the character who has emerged as the (anti)hero of the book. Strangely I have back stories (in my mind) for all other characters but not him. He’s a mysterious character which is partly my excuse for having failed to do this a long time ago.

With all this on my mind I’ve now come to a complete halt.

I spent some time last week reading through celtic mythologies and looking at information on ancient world religions. I did this to try to get back ‘in the zone of myth and magic; something that never used to take much effort!

A combination of a lack of solid time-blocks to write in, and continuously switching my attention from one issue to another made this a very frustrating week. I have written a few new chapters, but I don’t think they’ll make the final cut. It occurred to me I might be so keen to get this book finished asap, I’m trying to tackle too much at once. Consequently I’m not thinking very clearly.

My only hope is that out of this chaos some great writing will emerge; I need to accept it won’t be this week, or the next. I’m going to take a break, do some reading (of some of the books you all kindly recommended last week, featuring strong female characters) then revisit my book.

Thank you all for your continued support and in advance for your comments and advice.

8 thoughts on “It’s not writers block…. I’m mulling.

  1. Hang in there .. it’ll happen for you .. :):)

  2. I know where your coming from Tina, been there a few times, and sort of got myself there on current WIP. I’ve always found when in this situation it is to distance myself for a short while, watch some TV, read something that has no link to the project I’m working on. I find sometimes because I’m concentrating on something different insights into what I’m trying not to concentrate on spring to the fore.

    • plantageneta says:

      Yes, you’re right. When I first started this I was seeing/reading a lot of things that inspired me but that hasn’t happened in a while. Got too bogged down. I also think not being a planner in my writing life (as opposed to my ‘real’ one!), may have bit me in the arse.

  3. Now I know this will sound like the last thing you want to do but consider it – for a moment. Start something new. Friends who have got into a similar situation as you’re in now have found, when they let of of the ‘masterbeast’ for a while, everything fell naturally into place once they returned to it. You could be up too close (and personal).

    • plantageneta says:

      I’d quite like to but I’m feeling oddly uninspired. I’m going to do a bit more reading & maybe watch a few decent films (If I can find any). I’m sure the spark will come back and I’m a big believer in the subconscious keeping on working even if you switch focus to something else.

  4. ahamin says:

    Most writers don’t understand that, but leaving your work for a while is the best thing you can do… you have to give your subconscious a time to reshape the ideas, best ideas originate from there, since our conscious is too busy with our reality.
    So when you feel you can’t go, stop, turn away, with a big smile, because you are doing the write thing (pardon the pun 🙂 )
    Good luck

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