Feeling a bit ‘Alice’

I have an artist friend who has begun to produce some fabulous pictures for her brother’s steampunk event next year, in Oxford. She is a very talented lady, and on the cusp of becoming more recognised; a graphic novel and a TV series both in the pipeline. Am I jealous? Probably, a bit, but I’m old enough to feel inspiration and admiration, especially when it’s success well deserved.

I’ve become quite interested in the whole steampunk thing recently, although I’m aware its probably been going on for a while, it’s fairly new to me. There’s something very alluring about the over-designed steam powered, cogs and pulleys technology and of course the lure of funked-up period clothing – from almost any period pre 1950. Take your pick, adapt, accessorise and make it your own. I haven’t actually gone as far as to dress up and attend anything yet, but you never know. I’m eager to read more steam punk literature – but as my reading list grows I’m not sure there are enough hours in the day!

My friend’s/her brother’s theme is Alice is Wonderland -I’ve glimpsed some wonderful images already of cheshire cats falling from dirigibles and an airship disappearing into a chess-board hole in a rabbit shaped cloud. They really are quite inspired.

Like Alice’s adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass, life takes some strange turns. I couldn’t have predicted at the beginning of this year that my life would take quite the turn it has. And like Alice, the quicker I tried to move towards my writing goals, the further away they seem than ever. Perhaps some strange magical, slightly surreal event will occur, landing me exactly where I want to be. Until then I’ll keep turning myself around and forging ahead, dealing with this peculiar world the best that I can.

When I have details of the steampunk event – I’ll let you know 🙂


A girl interrupted….

It’s been a while, I know. I got interrupted. Life interrupted. Not only that, it made me face reality, which is never nice. That’s why I write fantasy.

The upshot is I had to increase my working hours; my paid for working hours, not the ones I spend bleeding onto the page and scratching letters in the blood. Now it’s all numbers, spreadsheets, policies and politics.

I’ve been sitting in bed at night, because they are the only free moments now available to me, thinking, ‘well I have about an hour, I could write something…’ and nothing comes. Nothing.

I feared my creativity had been sucked into a corporate void, I was being absorbed into the borg.

Then last night, I picked up an old script. It had been commented on by a guy called Erik Bork, who is, I understand, someone in Hollywood. I was supposed to have worked on it a while ago, but knowing the day of fiscal responsibility was looming I decided to use my last remaining days attempting, in vain, to finish my novel. I ignored the script. I re-read the comments and under “overall thoughts” it said:

‘this could definitely get real attention at festivals – and be compelling, emotional, entertaining and memorable’.

I dusted the thing off and began the re-write. Who knows if it’ll ever get made, who knows if it’ll ever get to a festival, but I should at least give it one more go. After all time is always running out.


My heart is still with my novel, but it’s better to write something and delete it later, than to write nothing at all and never know.

Here’s to carrying on no matter what.