A girl interrupted….

It’s been a while, I know. I got interrupted. Life interrupted. Not only that, it made me face reality, which is never nice. That’s why I write fantasy.

The upshot is I had to increase my working hours; my paid for working hours, not the ones I spend bleeding onto the page and scratching letters in the blood. Now it’s all numbers, spreadsheets, policies and politics.

I’ve been sitting in bed at night, because they are the only free moments now available to me, thinking, ‘well I have about an hour, I could write something…’ and nothing comes. Nothing.

I feared my creativity had been sucked into a corporate void, I was being absorbed into the borg.

Then last night, I picked up an old script. It had been commented on by a guy called Erik Bork, who is, I understand, someone in Hollywood. I was supposed to have worked on it a while ago, but knowing the day of fiscal responsibility was looming I decided to use my last remaining days attempting, in vain, to finish my novel. I ignored the script. I re-read the comments and under “overall thoughts” it said:

‘this could definitely get real attention at festivals – and be compelling, emotional, entertaining and memorable’.

I dusted the thing off and began the re-write. Who knows if it’ll ever get made, who knows if it’ll ever get to a festival, but I should at least give it one more go. After all time is always running out.


My heart is still with my novel, but it’s better to write something and delete it later, than to write nothing at all and never know.

Here’s to carrying on no matter what.

8 thoughts on “A girl interrupted….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Anne Lewington here. Wondered where you’d gone. I sympathise and empathise. I too have been forced onto a new and unwelcome path due to ill fortune. I believe you’ve done exactly the right thing in responding to the invitation (mystic, possibly) to rework something hidden away. It will be good (at least) to come back to your novel refreshed with a clear eye and, who knows, the other might well prove to be a breakthrough.

    Something as simple as losing my van has thrown me into confusion, mainly because I live in the middle of nowhere and look after my 3 year old grandson. It seems there is no alternative but to move in with my son (in a town). My house is for sale anyway. At the moment it’s a choice between taxis – expense!!! and walking miles and miles for a loaf.

    My laptop is dying but fortunately my two eldest sons are buying me a new one for Christmas. Am still awaiting the new website but in no hurry as my laptop could take one look at it and expire.

    • plantageneta says:

      Hi Anne, yes your comment has arrived 🙂 Seems like you’re going through the mill at the moment. Sometimes life really throws things at you/one. Sounds like you’re not keen on the idea of living in a town again? Hopefully it will be nice to be closer to your son. There is often inspiration in misfortune (or so they say!!! – I think I could be inspired by a bit more comfort and time to think).
      New laptop new life 🙂
      Good luck with everything.

      • readannesmind says:

        Thanks for responding. No, like town living actually. It’s just that I have tried country living twice and, at last, realise it’s not for me. The funny thing is, people imagine they’ll be free to roam the hills and vallies in the country while the truth is most of it is fenced off and you’re restricted to footpaths grudgingly allowed to stay open by bad-tempered farmers. Actually, my son (youngest) is looking forward to me moving in for the oddest of reasons. Bit of background here – he’s disabled (wheelchair) and, though very capable, reckons I’m useful in putting off freeloaders who hassle him from time to time. All my sons have told me their friends are terrified of me. Don’t know why – must be the remains of the school teacher stare.
        Keep writing.

  2. Left a comment but laptop in demise – not sure if showing.

  3. jakiedwards says:

    Good for you. I have to say that I was actually at my most productive whilst I was working because time became so precious. Like they say ‘if you want something done then ask a busy person’!
    Luck to you on all you want to achieve.

    • plantageneta says:

      Thanks Jakie – hopefully it’ll be the same for me. Yes, I’ve always been that ‘busy’ person – what I hope I’ve learned is where to get busy (as it were!) Historically when I’ve worked like this I’ve always expanded things, taken on more and more – this time I need to restrain myself and leave room for the writing. (still trying to work out how to fit in excercise and piano as well – but one step at a time!)

  4. Good stuff, m’Lady… never EVER give up !! :):)

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