Free screening – one night only


Although I’m not able to be there, I’m delighted to promote the sequel to ‘Don’t Go In the Basement’ event. A free night of shorts from Nottingham and the surrounding areas. No theme this time, so it’ll be a proper mixed bag. There will be music video’s, live action shorts, animations and other surprises. You will laugh, you will cry and naturally, given our obsession with horror, there will be some scares along the way.

My zombie short The End will be screening there. (I’m busy writing the prequel so no rest for the wicked!)

Doors at 7.00pm, first film starts at 7.30pm prompt.

NASH Interiors
17 – 19 Carlton St, NG1 1NL Nottingham, United Kingdom


Are you developing an unhealthy relationship with your character?

Now here’s me baring a part of my soul; I have never actually talked about it…nope not to anyone. Excellent blog broadcast material then! As a writer (or indeed as an Actor – would love to hear from you too), have you ever developed an unhealthy relationship with your character(s)?

I should probably outline what I mean by this (although feel free to let me know your own interpretation if you have one).  When I began writing my novel (still in progress), I experienced something close to euphoria as scenes and characters began surging into my mind. When this started to happen I wasn’t thinking ‘this’ll be written into a novel’, I was just completely absorbed in shaping and inhabiting the characters; watching as they and their surroundings grew in my mind. I remember taking a three hour drive somewhere, as a passenger. (Something about the landscapes rushing past my window combined with good music always sparks my imagination.) I hardly spoke for those three hours. If asked a question I gave short answers, eager to get back to my daydream. I was, in fact,  a bit of an arse.

Having thought about it since, I wonder if it is something akin to the way an actor feels when he/she gets a great part and begins to live it every day; becomes absorbed in the character, not only because they want to do the best job that they can, but because there is something captivating about living in a different world. Of course if the character is a nasty piece of work, it might prove rather detrimental to their relationships. Just a thought.

This initial flood of ideas and characters has settled down now. I have committed most to paper, which is the only treatment effective for such a disorder of the mind 😉 I am now honing and refining which is far less exciting, but no less fulfilling. It also means I’m a lot more sociable.