Winner! Best Actress – British Horror Film Festival

More brilliant news for The End, my short horror film, directed by Raj Pathak (We are Heroes Films), (original story Pia Cooke). The film won the award for Best Actress at the British Horror Film Festival.

The British Horror Film Festival Awards were held at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London and Shelley Draper‘s powerful performance in The End, quite rightly, won her the best actress award. This is a great boost for the team involved as we’re currently seeking investment for our feature length version of the film. Hopefully more great news on that soon…

The hundreds of entries from around the world were whittled down to six short films and three features.

The shorts we were up against included:

Dans Le Noir – directed by Kate Tuck – a drama set in London in the first few days of a zombie attack, the piece was mixed with film-noir style scenes.

The Brain Hack – directed by Joseph White. This, to my mind, got one of the best receptions of the night and was one of the most popular films and walked away with many of the awards. I was gutted I actually arrived (unfashionably) too late to catch the film – but I’ll definitely be viewing it on Vimeo. I suggest you do too!

The Jigsaw – Director – Sibling films.  A very neat story based on an old story the directors (brothers) had heard as children. It was leant an extra dimension by being shot abroad, though appearing to be set in England.

The Stomach – directed by Ben Steiner. A slightly gruesome but fun body shock style story, with an interesting psychic element and a great cast.

Tin and Tina – directed by Rubin Stein.  I loved this story. It was shot almost entirely with one camera angle. The children were fascinating and the story unfolded at a steady, controlled pace. It was all subtitled (original in spanish) and I did wonder if there were some cultural symbolism I wasn’t quite getting, but regardless it was a chilling film that left me with a lot of questions.

All in all it was great to see such a variety of films and film makers from a variety of backgrounds with access to widely different range of resources.

The Empire Cinema Leicester Square  - British Horror Film Festival

The Empire Cinema Leicester Square – British Horror Film Festival

Best Actress Award

Best Actress Award (a terrible picture!)


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