Feeling a bit ‘Alice’

I have an artist friend who has begun to produce some fabulous pictures for her brother’s steampunk event next year, in Oxford. She is a very talented lady, and on the cusp of becoming more recognised; a graphic novel and a TV series both in the pipeline. Am I jealous? Probably, a bit, but I’m old enough to feel inspiration and admiration, especially when it’s success well deserved.

I’ve become quite interested in the whole steampunk thing recently, although I’m aware its probably been going on for a while, it’s fairly new to me. There’s something very alluring about the over-designed steam powered, cogs and pulleys technology and of course the lure of funked-up period clothing – from almost any period pre 1950. Take your pick, adapt, accessorise and make it your own. I haven’t actually gone as far as to dress up and attend anything yet, but you never know. I’m eager to read more steam punk literature – but as my reading list grows I’m not sure there are enough hours in the day!

My friend’s/her brother’s theme is Alice is Wonderland -I’ve glimpsed some wonderful images already of cheshire cats falling from dirigibles and an airship disappearing into a chess-board hole in a rabbit shaped cloud. They really are quite inspired.

Like Alice’s adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass, life takes some strange turns. I couldn’t have predicted at the beginning of this year that my life would take quite the turn it has. And like Alice, the quicker I tried to move towards my writing goals, the further away they seem than ever. Perhaps some strange magical, slightly surreal event will occur, landing me exactly where I want to be. Until then I’ll keep turning myself around and forging ahead, dealing with this peculiar world the best that I can.

When I have details of the steampunk event – I’ll let you know 🙂

5 thoughts on “Feeling a bit ‘Alice’

  1. I fell in love with steampunk too! It’s been really popular lately but it’s been going on for so long NO one can be ahead of the curve (you can trace it back to Jules Verne, I believe). I have been wanted to write a novel so I started searching for a way, anyway to include steampunk and it’s been a fun challenge. How do you walk the line between “enough detail” and “Okay, I GET IT this is a steampunk novel.”

    • plantageneta says:

      Thanks for your comment Melanie. I discovered steampunk after commence my current WIP so my novel is straightforward fantasy – though not the elves & goblins kind. However its certainly a source of inspiration now. I don’t think I write as much detailed description as some writers, my view is you can deliver description through the way characters interact with their environment and each other you don’t have to describe everything in detail. Too much detail can get boring (for some readers at least). Also, I think its ok for the reader to fill in some gaps and have some question – as long as not too many!! You’ll know when it feels right – and test is to get others to read your stuff and see if it makes sense to them.

  2. Yes, that’s all you can do – keep forging ahead with your nose pointed in roughly the right direction. I confess I’ve never heard of steampunk but that’s not surprising if it’s new to you.
    There’s only one thing that’s against us writers – time. Those who don’t do it imagine it’s simply a matter of sitting down for a few months and knocking out a novel (and it is for some – mainly men, I think). But life gets in the way and you find yourself scribbling away in a few stolen moments. Don’t lose sight of your goal.

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